1. What is food photography?

Food photography, when done at its professional level, takes many specialty photographic discipline and techniques with specialty photography gears and equipment, all aimed at one goal: To capture photos from which your viewers will not only see but also feel and almost taste your food.


  1. Why hire a professional food photographer?

There is just no comparison to a well-thought out photo that has the right balance of lighting, appropriate angles and composition, not to mention the technical skills that a professional photographer have mastered and polished over the years.


Various studies show that a quality photograph of a food item sells more than a quick photo taken with a phone or camera. The purchase rate of a professional grade photo will sell more than the conventional one.


One may think to take their own food images, and thus save some publicity money, but there are intricacies that one may not be aware of. A professional food photographer with sufficient experience in this domain will know exactly how to arrange your dishes in a way that attracts the viewer, making the food look tasty and appetizing.


  1. What makes professional food photography beneficial?
  • Food becomes more appealing.

A professional food photographer can make any food look appetizing. With mouth-watering food photos, your target-audience’s senses will be heightened, leaving them wanting to have what you are offering them.

  • Business authenticity.

Professional photos create an impression that you are offering customers quality business with standards to uphold. Customers are also assured that your food offering will give them back their money’s worth.

  • Create more awareness for your business among consumers.

Professional food photography is an essential form of restaurant advertising, which can bring you the much-desired success.  Customers need to see appealing food photos in order to show interest in your restaurant. Any detail on how great your food images look can make a big difference.

  • Fantastic social media interaction.

High-quality, well-composed photographs are the roots for great social media interaction. In order to appeal to prospective customers, you need to attract them with the right images.  A professional food photographer can deliver delectable food pictures, which will have the role of increasing the interaction and engagement of your account with other users.


Your food establishment’s achievement depends on what sets you apart from all the rest. Hiring a professional food photographer can take the success of your restaurant to another level and might just be the solution you need all along. Choose to stand out and exceed your competitors. Get your food spotted, only with I Shoot Food Manila.